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Update from Rwanda Rising

We love getting happy updates from causes we support! Here is one from our friends at “Rwanda Rising” – supporting Rwandan widows and orphans:

“This was our biggest class in 9 years, graduated in languages, accounting, math & chemistry, as well as carpentry, sewing, auto mechanics. I was full of emotion to meet with about 20 of them while in Rwanda Jan/Feb and see their pride, confidence, natural beauty. They have big obstacles going forward but they are empowered to meet them. We will continue to have their backs with guidance, training, maybe even a small start-up loan. Together we took them from dirt floor adobes to this point for a mere $250/yr – probably the best investment we ever made. We did good!”

We are so proud to be able to make a difference – not only in our own community but in those across the world!

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