What we do

We work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring that we understand their whole financial picture, and their financial goals. By educating our clients, they are able to feel more confident about their finances.

We work alongside other trusted industry professionals, allowing us to give the best advice possible. This holistic approach enables our team to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with our clients.

Why we work together

Since 2013, we have been working closely as a mother-daughter team.

We have a unique insight into the challenges and triumphs of being a family business, and can lend our expertise in a variety of areas. Whether it be balancing the business/family relationship, succession planning, or any other financial circumstance, we have the experience!

Being a multi-generational family business, our clients can be confident that their financial plans will not be interrupted by changes to their planning team. We’ve been working together for close to a decade, ensuring that every client has had the chance to work closely with both Dale and Courtney.

Dale Collins, CFP®, EPC


Where it all began?

In 1996 I entered the Financial Services Industry at Pacific Coast Savings Credit Union. While working full time, and raising my two young daughters, I studied during the evenings and obtained my Certified Financial Planning designation in December of 2004. Having been with Coast Capital Savings for over 10 years, I decided to branch out on my own in late 2005, this is when Prosperity Planning was born. Since then, I have also acquired my Elder Planning Counselor certification. 

What lights my fire?

Over the past two decades, my career has allowed me to work with a variety of people, in a variety of situations. I consider one of the most rewarding parts of my job to be Estate Planning. I’ve seen the incredible impact that a proper estate plan can have. Whether it be complex family dynamics, the wish to minimize taxes and probate fees, charitable giving wishes or to simplify the task left to an executor/executrix, estate planning can ensure your wishes come to fruition. 

I find great satisfaction in working with business owners. Because we personally understand the triumphs and trials of being a family business, we are able to assist our clients in a variety of areas. Some of the areas we can advise on include; maximizing the CDA, utilizing holding company and family trust structures, retirement planning or succession planning. We ensure that our corporate clients have access to a team of professionals to assist in their business financial planning needs.  

Some things you may not know about me

  • I was born in New Brunswick
  • I have two grandchildren, both busy boys! 
  • I hiked 10km on the Great Wall of China (a must-add to your bucket list!)
  • I once waterskied behind a dragon boat

How my friends describe me

Dale is very outgoing and loves to entertain. She is a great planner, loves to cook, people love to be around her. Dale loves running, hiking, cycling, water skiing, snow skiing… basically anything outside!

How my clients describe me

Dale has a very pleasant demeanor. She is very professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her client’s. Dale gets to know us as people, and we really feel a sense of trust when we open up about our goals and dreams as well as our fears around money.

Courtney Castledine, QAFP™, CHS


Where it all began

I joined Prosperity Planning in 2013, having lived abroad in both China, and in England, I was ready to settle in the Westshore and focus on my career. In 2016 I obtained my life insurance and mutual fund licenses, and have never looked back. Having grown up watching the impact Dale has had on her clients lives, and want to continue that legacy. In 2018 I received my Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation, and most recently obtained my Qualified Associate Financial Planner designation. 

What lights my fire?

I am passionate about educating our clients, ensuring they understand their financial plan, and how it ties to their goals. I know the positive impact that clear, open communication has on keeping everyone engaged during the financial planning process and beyond.

I find working with families to be very rewarding, having a young family myself, I understand the competing goals many families face when it comes to their financial future. I love helping families navigate, and plan for all of life’s milestones and trials.

Finally, I love helping our clients incorporate charitable giving into their financial plans. Our firm supports many charities and organizations in the community, and we enjoy helping our clients do the same. Dale is a considered a Hospice Hero, I highly suggest asking her about it! 

Some things you may not know about me

  • I taught English abroad in Beijing China when I was 18 years’ old
  • I spent my honeymoon exploring Tanzania with my husband and his parents (they were married there!)
  • I’ve completed two half marathons, and hope to run a full marathon one day

How my friends describe me

Courtney is organized, detail oriented, and loves to ensure everyone around her is taken care of. She is bubbly, outgoing, and never hesitates to take on a new challenge… even if that means hopping on her bike for 100km charity ride with no training.

How my clients describe me

Courtney is professional, knowledgeable, and warm. She communicates clearly, and we never leave feeling confused about our next steps. Courtney really takes time to listen and understand our goals and dreams, she’s helped us feel more confident about our financial future.